Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rocking 2012

Happy New Year. Source: Mr. Google

Today, 27th December 2012. It’s only a few days away from New Year. 2012 had been a very overwhelming year for me. Everything turned 360 degree around me. I was for the first time driving alone to another state, what such an accomplishment for me. Obviously because I’m not that good driver and I do not like driving by my own much. Unless someone offers to be my driver, I would be too grateful. Haha.   

I had received a New Year wish from so called stranger (who happened to be my senior at uni, my beloved BFFs wanted to match me with). I had fallen in love him and fallen out of love. I was the trouble, not him. The blame was all on me. Then I fallen in love again and I believe I still do (with the same one, of course).

Secondly, it’s all about my career. The first 6 months were enormously challenging for me. I could only wish having another pair of hands so that I could fasten my work. I became too much familiar with scanning machine and emailing within very limited time with your heart racing like 200beats per seconds, work which I never thought of doing in million years. But I managed to standstill for those 6 months (although uncountable times I had been caught up with my tears all raining heavily over my face at the office). I'm so unprofessional. I must admit. I being the most emotional person my former boss once met. As I said to him, I really wished I could take all the tasks ever assigned to me differently. They were only works; there was nothing personal about it. Yet, I was still putting my very best in delivering every task given. Those 6 months were the most unforgettable moments in my life. Perhaps I haven’t been experienced enough the real adult life. My first working experience was so decent and full of enjoyment and filled with wonderful and lovely people. Then, suddenly been thrown to such unforeseen circumstances (though I was the one whom volunteered myself to be transferred) I couldn't endured the pressure rested on my slanted shoulder. I withdraw. I really tempted to write more on this, but I couldn't and I shouldn't  I kept telling myself to stop thinking over the past, let the past flew with the times. The key to lead a happier life, spend LESS times talking about your PROBLEM and your PAST.

I had received a few great news from my much-loved friends, as my BFF, Bb finally tied the knot to her long times boyfriend. While R also married her other half although they barely a year met. I treasured every moment being in their wedding days, which a beautiful events with bundle of love and joy. The newly-weds were unquestionably happy, grinned to their ears. I was the maid of honour for Bb’s wedding. That was my first time and could be the last time. I might ruined Bb’s wedding by sending her 8 months pregnant make-up artist home and only asked her to come back for second make-up session 3 hours later. The truth was Bb’s make-up artist still in need after ‘akad’. Bb had to change into her reception gown which in Tiffany blue with heavily patched white flower on the right side. The gown exquisitely was custom-made for her petite frame. In the end, Bb’s best colleague and I have to dress her up for the reception. Putting the veil on her, placing the tiara and adhere that tiara properly on her chiffon scarf which matched her beautiful wedding gown. Luckily everything went smooth sailing as the bride wished for.

After saying goodbye to my former employer and colleagues, I joined new company. Everything was new to me. I carried so much hopes and dreams within me as I walked in and signed up my employment letter. I've been dreaming an impossible dream, too good to be true. (I have been indulge in thought that I shall dress elegantly everyday to the office, meeting new people, attending meeting with managerial level, not to mention wearing pretty high-heel) Well, that’s me, such a dreamer. I only learnt that I shall be stationed at HQ until the assigned project started during my very first week here. The fact that I’ll be relying on public transport to reach the office was not easily swallowed. After an hour travelled in public train (45min in KTM coach (if only KTM being nice to me without any further delay and so much stop in between station) and another 15min in LRT coach)), I have to walk another 15min to reach the office. At first, I planned to learn and expert in software which soon will be essential for career enhancement. And I easily give up on that. Since there was pretty much nothing at all to do at this new office, so then I started to blog. Regardless of grammatical errors, I still blog. :-)

There is no direction of my writing as I blogged so much about myself instead. I believe those who happened to read my blog became annoyed by then. Therefore, my New Year resolution is to write only happening, interesting and informative story. There would not be myself photograph to be uploaded, but then perhaps I will share the photo that I take by myself. I'm not good at taking photo, so please don’t expect something fantastic from me. ;-D

Happy New Year. May this coming 2013 brings you all the beautiful colour and fun in your life. Take care. 

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