Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. Hahaha.. The clock does ticking. Tik..tik..tik.. I didn’t expect any blast or vast birthday celebration today. I didn’t expect friends of mine popped up with a huge yummy birthday cake or a birthday song sung by busker in public.

Because last year, I had one, full of fun and excitement. One of my girlfriends rang me on the phone two days before my birthday, saying that they planned of spending their weekend inPangkor. Without any doubt I just gave my green light and going to join them later after work (I worked on Saturday, whole day).
My former colleague and my superior gave me a lift to nearby jetty (Marina Island Jetty). It cost me RM10 for both way (cheap right!). Better keep the ticket safe and don’t lose it. I took the ferry at 6pm (the last ferry for the day) and reaching Pangkor half an hour later. Friends of mine greeted me with a cutey little scooter. There were four of us. So, two scooters were enough to assist us here in Pangkor. The truth was a friend and I couldn’t ride motorbike (even scooter) by ourselves. Nobody cares about it anywhere. So, the fun began.

I wouldn’t go detail on the short-budget-vacation in Pangkor. After having such a splendid scooter riding around the island, we went out for dinner at restaurant nearby the rented room. The restaurant was cramp with the customers. We sat close to the roadside, looking over the sky. There was a busker faithfully entertained us with his evergreen songs. We had to wait for quite a while before the order food arrived on our table. Lucky enough the food didn’t disappointed us. Clueless me just didn’t suspect anything when two of my friends all in sudden excused themselves to somewhere else. While another friend stayed with me and kept asking of my favourite song. That moment ‘what a wonderful world’ popped out from my mouth. But, she asked for a Malay song. Then I went blank. I love and will always love Siti Nurhaliza songs. That time everything still blurred. It was just like a displaced jigsaw puzzle. The night was heat up with a TV crews sat quite near to ours. (Not really close actually. Otherwise, I would go and snap a photo with my so-so favourite actor, tall, handsome and quirky Bront Palarae. OMG, he’s so handsome in person, and those sleepy eyes..Arghhhh). That’s enough. The noise from crowded people, the dim light of the street-lighting, and the singing from the busker had hinder my mind from suspecting any birthday surprise from them.

Then, suddenly, the busker sang a birthday song and looking into my direction. People started looking at me too. I just blushed, and tongue-tied. The two came up with a cute cake with light on candle on it. I just went like, “owh my…you guys are so sweeeettttt.” Almost shed a tear. When the song ended, everyone clapping their hands, which was an unforgettable moment. We gave away the cake to others and kept one quarter for tomorrow breakfast. So gross. Hahaha.

Although I did celebrated my birthday every year with my family and with my former colleagues, but last year birthday celebration glued to my mind and closed to my heart most. Perhaps, that was the time when I was really desperate to escape from my daily life and so keen looking forward for the short break. 

Wishing me best of luck and always within Allah’s blessing and also have family and friend’s love. Amin.

P/s: that’s my birthday story, what’s yours?