Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Make-up for Bride

Every bride dreams to be the most gorgeous, beautiful, eye-magnet, centre of attraction during her wedding day. Therefore, choosing the right MUA to ‘beautify’ our dull, restless, panda eyes, is crucial part. I'm not good at make-up, so nothing much to be share here about the tips or tricks. but I had done several survey and getting friend’s recommendation on MUA. I've tried to look for more natural make-up but yet not too dull on camera. Numbers of them are well-established MUA whom also continuously did make-up for local artists, for magazine models. If you sought them, please earlier booking is much appreciated and be prepared to burn your pocket. All MUA(s) from KL and Klang Valley except for the last, Cikgu Cantik

1) Seindahwajah by Awin here
    Rates:- (transportation charge to Rawang included)
    1 x make-up for Engagement RM850
    1 x make-up for Nikah (Solemnization) or Reception RM950
    2 x make-up RM1800

    Additional RM50 for groom. 

    Rate: RM1700 (2x)
    Kelrina also doing great at hair-styling. 

3) Nurin Adlina Basir here
    Rate: RM1300 (2x)

4) Emma Pesona here and here
    RM 650 per session
    RM 1150 (2x)
    (exclude transportation fee)

    Kak Emma is a super friendly and professional (6 years experiences)

5) Dila Ramli here
    Rate: RM 550 per session

6) Elfaiiziens by Vee here
    RM350 for Engagement / Nikah
    RM 450 for Reception
    (exclude transportation fee)
    * Pls book her much earlier (a year before actual date)

7) Amy Zalini here
    Rate: RM300 per session

8) NurulNabihan here
    A gorgeous teacher from Kedah, working at Kampar, Perak. 
    Rate: RM250 per session

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