Monday, 29 July 2013


I don’t feel like writing today. So just have eye tour on dais or pelamin that I caught my eyes most. They are so eye-candy to look at. I can only day-dreaming sitting on these daises during my big day. Stop dreaming big girl. ;D

flora et cetera

Obsess with flower guru. flora et cetera here

Just breathe by flora et cetera here

Kusha Weddings and Events here

Kusha Weddings and Events here

Grace Kelly by Qarmasutra Weddings and Events here

Reception of the Ratio Design's founders by Ratio Design here

Romantika by Rins Suzana Kuala Lumpur here

Angel's breath by flora et cetera here
Chenta Weddings here

Mini dais for Solemnization by Chenta Weddings here

Chenta Weddings here

Little Black Dress by Ratio Design here
Mega Mendung by Qarmasutra here for client (left photo). Malay traditional custom
P/s: my pelamin? secret! ;P


  1. Fir..pelamin yg no 4 tu cam best je..grand gile :)

  2. pelamin kat atas tu sume 10k above..nangis... ($_$)