Friday, 12 July 2013

Dress the bride (part 1)

Hye there. I'm back. The title has enough said about this entry. Growing up as a girl reading her mum’s ‘Wanita’ and  ‘Nona’ magazines had influenced my sense of fashion. I'm not saying that I'm such a fashion liberated, but I used to dream being a fashion designer although I not so good to the needles.

What I want to emphasis here is that, I became such a particular and detail person. It has been my childhood dream of wearing the mermaid wedding dress, embracing the curve, and the mermaid tails will give justice to my out-of-proportion too narrow at the top and noticeable wider at the bottom. Even back then, I did intend to wear the maroon traditional songket attire, but I quite unsettled when thinking of what shawl’s colour suit the songket most. Songket and traditional headgear just like what Dato’ CT wore in Cindai video clip would complement the traditional Malay soul of songket. (the truth, I could not resist the modern wedding dress. Feeling princess here.. haha).

Above is the most resemble maroon Terengganu Songket attire I could found. So traditional, so classic. But you have to headgear just like Siti Nurhaliza during performing a Malay folk song, Cindai. and hire Gamelan team to instil the traditional mood..

Although all the two dresses do not so mermaid alike, the flare at the bottom part weren't too obvious, but these captured my heart the most. I more into subtle, vintage and feminine looks. I could imagine myself in these dresses and feeling pretty. Haha. White dress for wedding. What a lovely and pure of joy wedding day it would be. The best part is, you don’t need to fork out every cent of your money because these exquisite and elegance are possible to be made-to-measure by Chloe. Even if you are not so big fan of white, you can choose any colour from the colour lists. Actually my dear friend had introduced Chloe as she did wore the dress from Chloe collection. You will be surprise by how cheap the dress would cost you. A very good money (double or even triple cheaper) compared to rental at bridal boutique for few hours wearing. Here in KL and Klang Valley, the rental may cost you from RM1K onwards for the latest design. I've went to several bridal house and found this, Emma Pesona have the most latest and sophisticated dresses ever. Even her dresses haven’t featuring any local bridal-wedding magazines just yet, but they really stand out and yet affordable for budget b2b like me. The dresses are in really good quality even after several wears. I did tried one from her collection, it never been wear yet. An A ball, princess cut dress in champagne duchess satin for the shirt and and for top she used greyish Prada lace. What a such combination. It was gorgeous. For a thin bride, the dress would be the most preferable choice ever and you would be the centre of attraction that day (of cause, you are bride! All the eyes will be on you).

Although I have been quite certain with the dress look, and it took me months after months to finalize the most desirable dress ever, yet my mum hold the ultimate decision. White dress rejected. Arghhhh. My vintage all white wedding dream crushed. I almost cried. I've been dreaming so much of the first dress. I will be wearing the simple, modest yet so-me dress, at the least cost (RM600++). I almost making the impossible dream come true. Therefore, my dear friends and b2b, never ever indulge yourself into your wedding dream. It is a family wedding dream certainly. I've learned my lesson. My closest friend also a b2b by this Merdeka day agreed with me on the statement. 

Let’s continue with the other dresses which you may fall in love with.  I was so much adore Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad both Lebonese born fashion designers. Studded with gold heart dress (from far, it seem like you are covered with butterflies.Wowww) is phenomenal. Simple yet elegance. Although not so preferable choice for your big day, the dress would be remember-able the most.

Gold studded princess cut dress by Zuhair Murad
Beautiful dress by Valentino
Heart shape at chest, mermaid skirt, high collared in pure white. Delicately irresistible vintage look by Yaki Yazid.
Another design by Yaki Yazid. A long white lace with ribbon belt to emphasize the hour glass shape. And a short kebaya inspired (i just saying) peplum waist and mermaid skirt. Simply gorgeous. ;D

Orange, mint green, greyish blue, yellow dresses also captured my heart. If only I could wear any of these dresses. I could only be dreaming.....

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