Thursday, 16 May 2013

Freaky me

Last night I reached home late almost 11.30pm. I was terribly tired but I enjoyed the lecture pretty much. (My lecturer so energetic. She will entertain your question even the clock shown 10.30pm, class should be dismissed by that time). That wasn't the thing buzzing my mind. Today, I’m fasting even without sahur. And I’m super tired and sleepy and starving too. (I always looked sleepy..haha). Either of being tired or sleepy never ever hunting me. I don’t where to start. I've numbers of assignment need to be completed. I've stuck up by ‘justification’ type of question. I couldn't stop myself thinking of my wedding prep which almost no progress at all. I couldn't made up my mind on MUA, whether to take bridal package which inclusive make-up, bride n groom attires, hand bouquet, and pelamin but I still craving for my dress wedding dress (custom-made dress). It took me months to finally decide the look of my wedding dress. (Frankly speaking, it may take me forever. Mr. F must be annoyed by me.hahaha). Catering service haven’t confirm yet. My mum insisted on hiring caterer which her friend hired for her daughter wedding. As my mum herself had tasted and witnessed the service delivered. However, she not even knows the caterer name and contact no. A warning sign! I might such a last-minute person, but definitely no last minute decision for wedding prep.

P/s: happy teacher’s day to all. ;D

Let's bake yummy bread pudding. here  I haven't try yet..huhu

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