Thursday, 9 May 2013

Grand her a second chance

Saturday, 4th May
It was late evening when I read the massage from my friend, T. My closest friend during my senior year of secondary school admitted in ICU. Just a few days before I replied her FB’s private massage. I was so crashed receiving the news. I ran immediately telling my mum and other family members who were watching the PRU13 analysis on national tv channel. I was crying my heart out. It was so painful for me to shallow. I cried alone until I fallen asleep. I don’t have a gut to visit her that day.

Sunday, 5th May
The voting day. Last night I’ve planned to visit A immediately after casting my vote accompany by Mar. I managed to reach the hospital half hour before visiting hour ended. I was holding Mar’s hand while entering the ICU room. There were 8 beds, each of patients with a lot of wires around their bodies. I did wear my spectacle. A is in bed no. 6. I looked for the bed‘s number. I saw someone laying hopelessly with blue bruises on the arm. As I came closer that was A. There was no word to express the sorrow I felt inside as I set my eyes on hers. Ya Allah. Tears running heavily I couldn’t bear to hold any longer. She was attended by a pretty nurse when we arrived. Mar chuckled, but she abled to ask few questions and gathered some info from the nurse. Lung infection that attacked her last 2 nights had shown a positive progress. According to the nurse, A is getting better than the first time she arrived. Mar kept talking to A as she could move her eye lid up and down. I stood numbly beside her, held her arm without a word spoken out. ‘Pls say something’, said Mar to me. I gathered all the strength I could have that moment, held back my tears, started mentioning every friend name I could remember whom send their regards and promise to visit her. 

As the time came to an end, her mum came and approached us. I asked about the bruises on her body. That were causing by the traditional treatment performed by her own dad / her dad’s follower. Her mum confidently told us that they refused to give consent for any operation and forced A to agree on no operation by blinking her eyes twice. Instead, a doctor graduated herself (her mum), persistent in continuing the homeopathy treatment which demonstrated to her before being hospitalized. The hospital’s guard came to escort us out. Before went home, we met A’s doctor sister and to our huge surprise the tumor in A’s brain are as big as 6cm x 6cm both right and left. Even the brain had been squeezed out of the scalp. Ya Allah. All this while, A never mentioned about the tumor size and uncountable time informed us that nothing much to be worried. She kept almost everything within her. The pain, the sorrow. She only shared her disappointment towards her sibling’s laziness and other people whom driving her mad.

Tuesday, 7th May 2013
Receiving a massage from Mar. A became weaker. The infection worsens and the tumor had affecting the nerve which believes the cause of her weaker. I was stunned and cried and praying for her good health.

Wednesday, 8th May 2013
During a maghrib break at 7.30pm, I read massage from T who just came back from visiting A. Her head had been cut bold as the doctor prepared to perform the operation in removing those tumors. I remembered A informed me that the tumors are not cancer since they are belign tumors (malignant tumor does) which through my limited reading, grow at one place and cannot spread out or invade in other part of body. But now, it seems the tumors did spread out. Gosh. Another major frustrated my friends and I were A’s mum postponed the operation which supposed to be held today. Her dad’s followers were doing their ritual (I’m not sure whether ritual is the exact word) and causing the bruises around her neck and chest. Ya Allah. 

p/s: A week before the election, I invite her to go for voting together. but A refused. She doesn't want to cost me any trouble. I knew she barely walk. Her spirit and the sense of responsibility as a Malaysian I truly inspired.  Pls pray for her.. 


  1. sedihnya berita ni..harap2 dia cepat sembuh ek..fir pun kena kuat ok..moga2 Allah permudahkan segala urusan...amin

  2. kak dyll, kawan saya dh kua icu last week. alhamdulillah.. tp tk smpat tgk dia pn last wkend. not so good friend.. :(