Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A plain gold ring on my forth finger

I am wearing a plain gold ring on my forth finger. And it does meant something. I’m engaged! Yes. You read it correctly. I didn’t telling my entire close friends about it. Only a few closest friends and relatives made known to it. No photo uploaded onto my FB album. I didn’t change my status. There was a time when people trying to pry into my private life (the boyfriend things) I did once or twice boldly replied ‘if I have one, telling the world I would’. The truth is I am not as bold as that. I have no intention of keeping it secret. As a week ago my dear cousin (I had a strong sensed that she’s the one and only who going to make public of my engagement) posted on my FB wall ‘where are your engagement photos?’ Yes. Now, the whole world knew about it. Great!

“Rahsiakan pertunangan dan iklankan (maklumkan) tentang perkahwinan” (Hadith riwayat Ahmad dari Abdullah bin Zubair Radhiyallahu ‘anhu, dan disahihkan oleh al-Albani di dalam Irwa’ al-Ghalil) 

What shall I do next? Should I share all the photos? Or should I just abandon her post? I chose to ignore her. Hehehe.  

People must be questioning what is wrong putting your photos on FB? I genuinely bliss with our engagement as we are one step closer to ‘grow old together’. But something kept hunting me. I felt inappropriate to overly exposing the engagement matters. Moreover, we just held a humble and small ceremony and only attended by family members. I didn't have mini pelamin or dais, no make-up artist (my BFF volunteered to do the make-up), my mum did the cooking with the help of my sisters and her sister and my 2 cousins. I self-decorated the hantaran (gifts) for him. Regardless of my mum commented saying that the hantaran looked alike diy school project, I tried to hide the shame I felt inside.

When everyone else spent thousands of money on their dais and engagement outfit, I spent that money for my postgraduate fee. My study fee was nearly equal to merisikgallery’s engagement Package A. Therefore, there was nothing much to be shared about my e-day.

With this announcement, I’m officially bride-to-be (b2b) and a bridezilla-soon-to-be. worker+student+b2b = (-_-) arggghhhhh!!!!!!

p/s: it’s been 3 months since my e-day..and w-day is just a few months away from now.. hmmmm.. 


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