Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Teaching a man to fish

There is a famous saying that it is better to teach a man to fish than giving him a fish. The cash hand-out is an effort in futility. It will have little or no impact on people who are struggling to make ends meet. Going by the way prices of goods and services have escalated, the money will be gone in a jiffy and it will be forgotten. 
- Chandramukhi Laxmanan, PJ
  the Sun, April 19, 2013

Last week while i was having my lunch at MBPJ's cafe, I had overheard (such a busybody) conversation of three men and two women sat next to my table. One of the guys asked his colleagues, who will you vote to? These women confidently declared 'of course **! They’ll give us money (BR1M)’. Frankly, I don't care about their votes. The reason of their voting even scared me enough. Are you really thought that you can rely on the government's season money giving to survive here in KL and Klang Valley? Come on!

The skyrocketing of goods and services prices were the main reason why city citizen shortage of money. Back then, I seldom went to wet-market for groceries. Recently, I started to do the groceries shopping (I volunteered and kind of enjoy it) every Saturday or Sunday morning and then only I knew the cost of meat, chicken, fishes, onion, and etc. The price keep increasing. Nowadays, for each kilogram of ‘ikan kembung’ (the cheapest protein sources) will cost you RM12.50 to RM13. Looking back (10 years back), the same ‘ikan kembung’ will only cost you RM6 to RM7.

The ultimate problem that city citizen facing in daily life is uncontrollable of daily needs prices. I did remembered last few years when the government announced an increasing of sugar price, the minister kept remind us about the ‘bad’ of sugar, urge us to stop sugar consumption. Still, the root cause didn't resolve.

Although everyone kept talking about the increase of crude oil price being the solely reason of rising of the goods prices, yet, the crude oil price is not everyday sky shooting. The patent is fluctuated. Even if there was a fall in the crude oil price, the price of goods remained the same even worst, keep rocketing.

Regardless who’s going to win this PRU13, I begged pls control the goods and services prices. Peace.   

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