Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Here we go again

After almost 9 months doing nothing at the office, I finally further study.
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Last Monday my new robotic routine begins. Guess what? From Monday to Wednesday I will be driving to the office and after the work ends, rushing to attend my part-time classes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m back to uni again. It rather spontaneous decision I made. According to my original plans, I intended to further study once my car loan paid. This meant another 5 years from now. Then, I’ll be quite old enough to attend classes with babies on the cradle and the eldest started his pre-school (such a dreamer). Well, that would be pretty much overwhelming for a not so young working mum with 2 or 3 kids to look after. So, I was no longer indulging in this not-so-appealing plan and I just being thinking why not now. Why do I have to wait 5 years from now? Yes, financial might be the biggest constraint here as I am self-funding my study (and still paying my undergraduate study loan). Hell a lot of commitments dear.

Frankly before you make a decision to study part time, you must review and do research on pro and con being a part-time postgraduate student. Unlike me, not thoroughly thinking about the consequences I will be facing in future.

After attending 2 lecture classes the pressure begin to emerge. On the first day, I took half day off and drove straight to uni settle all the unsettle things such as collecting student ID, register subjects and car sticker for entering the uni with an ease. All memories of the old days flashed through my mind as I stepped into the faculty. The atmosphere was so close to your heart. I kind of losing myself, trying to recall as much as I could all the joy and laugh I once shared with my fellow friends. I felt young again. LOLs. Wait! Here a quite funny story happened to me when collecting my ID card. I supposed bring along the ID slip (which was given during the registration day), but clumsy me of cause left the slip home. I argued with the staff and forcing him to give me the card even I didn’t bring the slip. Hell I won’t take another day off just for collecting a single card. Then finally he gave up and started looking for my card. Huhu. 

That not the story. I was mumbling to myself as I filled in the given slip. There was a cute guy standing next to me and he started to ask me what happened. Then I said I was here to collect the ID card before that I was informed to collect at the faculty then the faculty asked to collect here in Menara (without telling him my own false for not bringing my slip). Then he asked ‘where did you study before this?’ Confidently I replied, here. He seemed didn’t quite satisfied with my answer. Then only I realized actually he thought that I fresher. Once I told him that I’m a postgraduate student, all the confidence within him wore out in sudden. His face reddens suddenly and he became mute. Pity him. But, I do feel young again. Huhu.

We are back to the REAL topic which we should be addressed thoroughly, pro(s) and con(s) of being a part-time student.

One is able to hold down a full-time job and secure a long term career. Example, he or she doesn’t have to quit his or her job mostly when they had landed a quite promising position in the company. It might took years to build up reputation and earn trust and respect from employer and client, therefore they shouldn’t abridge the opportunities may lay ahead of them just to further study. They can do both.

Under-pressure. The most critical times they shall be facing when they have hell a lot of task in hand to complete. Office works given by boss, the deadline to be met, numbers of assignment given by lecturers and worst, when you reach home, a lot of households need to be done, unwashed dishes, unfolded clothes, dusty floor, dry plants and nurture children. Arghhhh.

Financial problem. You might overlook the fact that you will be spent quite fortune on transporting from one place to another. This I dedicated special to myself. I shall be travelling about 80km per day (both way). Kundang – PJ – Shah Alam – Kundang. Not to forget other expenses such as buying reference books, printing costs and extra toll fees.

Strong willing. Doing several jobs at a time is not an easy thing to be done.  For a self-indulge person like me, to wake up early before dawn is pretty much nothing to me, but driving to office, PJ? Not so favorable at all. Travel through the river of cars, lorries and motorcyclists just another big turning off for me.

Here are tips from my friend who scored great mark last semester. Once the lecturer gives you any assignment or task, immediately do the assignment. Pls don’t delay your work. Being a postgraduate student you are no longer spoon-feeding by the lecturers. A lot of readings need to be done. Self-learning is a crucial. Don’t play-play!

With that, I have to stop here. I have an assignment need to be done. The lecturer seemed strict although she kind of funny. 

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