Wednesday, 17 July 2013


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And ah, right back at her. For didn’t he just love his wife the, at that very second of her lovely life, didn’t he, Johnny? Didn’t he just love her, with her smile and her laugh…

She touched his arm, and maybe that was the thing, just there. For didn’t he just love her again then, for the touch, for her gentle touch? For her hand that she laid upon his arm and the ring there she wore on her lovely hand, that he’d given her years, long enough time ago now, if you added up the years, long enough ago, and he’d give her the ring again, if he could, over and over he’d like to give it, just to keep her smiling, the darling girl, just to keep her with him..

Johnny Carmichaels (Page 66-67), Featherstone by Kristy Gunn 

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