Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Forgiving others

Good thoughts create peace and bad thoughts result in mental tension, with no peace.
– Bridget Mendez, The Sun, 3rd December 2012

Last Sunday, I attended a friend’s house warming pot luck  sort of small gathering for ex-MCB. It’s been quite a while since we last met. A lot of stories need to be updated. A lot of gossips need to be catch up. I personally enjoyed seeing them. You could hardly come to ‘moment of silence’ with them. Laugh, laugh and laugh. We were laughing at the fool that we went together or the fool that others (refer to our former bosses) made which became our laughing stock. Each of us cherished our old times in Kundang.

As the stories exchanged, I heard something unpleasant to my ears. As the project completed, most of us followed different path. Although everyone seems move on to other place and carry on with the own life, but some still caught in the old memories. To my huge disbelief, ‘you-know-who’ still pour salt to the almost forgotten (but somehow it still glue to my mind) wound. It was rather amusing to find out that she couldn't really get over me. She accused me of trying to steal her ex-boyfriend (by the time, they had long broken apart). He was my colleague back then. I might have a little crush on him since I adored his working etiquette so much. But, that’s it. In remembering him, there was one day he tried to match-make me with his eldest brother. I received an envelope contained a black and white paper printed photograph of his brother. That was hilarious. I just laughed at his childish and replied him, ‘I won’t be your sister in law. Couldn't imagine myself to share your mother attention with your girlfriend (‘you-know-who’ was his girlfriend by that time)’. But that is not my point here. After more than a year since she posted her offensive post about my dear fellow friends and I. I wish, I really pray hard that one day she could stop bad-mouthing others. Guess what? She still tries spreading bad-rumours about me, saying the untruth stories to Manjung colleagues. My only hope that those happened to be friend with me before I left Manjung, should be able to make their own judgement.

I am trying my very best to forget and forgive her wrong. I'm still struggling till today. Regardless she never seeks for my forgiveness herself, but I have to forgive her. I myself had my own wrong. I have been wronged to others too. Whether I did it intentionally or unintentionally only Allah knows. As much I wish those people who I have been wronged to, forgive and forget mine, I really want to believe that ‘you-know-who’, deep down inside her heart, she want me to forgive and forget hers too. Therefore, remain positive toward others. Viele Gut!

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