Wednesday, 3 October 2012

“Every waking minute is hell,”

‘Excuse me, from whom you get these big eyes?’ said my colleague, fair skin, tooth obsess as she would brush her teeth more than 3 times during the office hour and her slanted eyes. ‘Are they from your parents?’ she added more. I just shook my head and simply replied ‘No’. Back then, my friends used to call me ‘patched eyes’. I couldn’t bother more. Or my bestie’s brother would describe me as ‘kakak mata besar’. Having popped eyes, protruding jaw, small and almost round nose, big front teeth, flat chest, out of proportion body with narrow upper body and wider at the bottom. I just named a few flaws that I pick up from other’s remarks of me.

Early this week, I came across news pertaining to two young and beauty Singapore-bloggers in seeking their beauty perfection. Both are attractive women. However, both of them dream to be prettier but yet still recognizable. The instant answer to their pursuit of perfection is going under knife, cosmetic surgery. To my surprise, South Korea leads the world of plastic surgery procedure. One in five women in Seoul has gone under the knife. Through my reading on plastic surgery obsession, I managed to found a blogger who teach English at elementary school in Korea. One day, she held a group discussion amongst other teachers on this beauty craze; she was floored by the confession that four of six of her colleagues had undergone plastic surgery. Double eyelids, brighter and anime-alike eyes, nose-job, V-line mandible or jawbones, boob/butt implant, and new sensation among K-pop star leg implant.

K-pop sweetheart mum coupled with as gorgeous K-drama hero dad, what else you would wish for?
Source: Mr. Google.
I just don’t get it when this people volunteer themselves to be cut and spend a fortune to look alike their starlets rather than be they. Knowing the volume of pain they may suffer from, but yet still clinging over it. Yes, indeed, beauty is pain. But does the pain pay off? The most cliché reasons of getting the transformation are 1) getting career boosted, and 2) finding the spouse. Just after finishing my secondary school, I attended a computer class and one of classmate informed that she wanted to attend stewardess interview. I went through the application form, although never cross in mind of being one. In my young thought, stewardess is beautiful, slender, tall, no scar on their body with bright and warm smile upon their face. If stewardess claimed that she’s getting plastic surgery as a part of career requirement, then it’s pretty well understandable. But looking at AirAsia stewardesses and they are just normal people. Opss,  I just criticised on others. Sigh. 

Can't take my eyes of those 'perfect legs'. Source by Mr. Google

So, career is not a solid reason to consent the needless surgery. I reckon most of men embrace natural beauty the most. Heavy make-up just frightens them. I'm saying like I'm a guy. Trust me; I just happen to know it. Giggle. However, it is a whole different story if you are looking for Korean man. He might cry for Song Hye Kyo’s cute features, Lee Hyori’s sexiness (or you just imagine Megan Fox seductive look) and Girls Generation perfect leg in those super short almost invisible pant. I openly adore Angelina Jolie’s dangerously racy lip. But that doesn't mean I want lip implant to emulate Jolie’s lip.

Song Hye Kyo. Source by Mr. Google
 While browsing through the internet on this issue, Korea Education Ministry warned high school students of ‘plastic surgery syndrome’ by referring to Michael Jackson and their local women addiction. Though plastic surgery left the patient with horrify swollen face, or chance the surgery goes wrong is there, this beauty freak endure the consequences of their own choice. “Every waking minute is hell,” a woman wrote in her diary, who’s hanged herself after the double-jaw surgery went wrong.

I must be grateful enough to be born in Malaysia, not in other part of world where the physical outlook does a critical matter. I'm not suggesting that Malaysian are not prejudice and judgemental when it comes to physical appearance. But these beauty obsessions have not come out of the locked closet just yet. Or perhaps we are just simply ignorance as once reported in Malaysia, one of two is either overweight or obese. I won’t elaborate on this just yet. Wait for other entry. Since ‘Winter Sonata’ fever spread throughout the nation back in 2007, K-drama and K-pop became such a boom. Recently, PSY become a viral global marvel with his infamous ‘Gangnam Style’. Although I personally a K-drama fan, but this marvel is quite alarming. My only concern is that does this go-plastic-sensation will spread their wide wing here and implant this craze idea in my young sister and brother? It does bother me hell a lot.

Funny kitten and tiny goldfishes. Source by Mr. Google
After reading quite numbers of article relating to plastic surgery, it is doesn't matter if others call me by ‘big eyes’, ‘patched eyes’ or ‘cartoon eyes’. I would rather regard my big eyes as my uniqueness. Hey, these beauty freaks been dreaming to have bigger eyes. I remembered one of trainee calling me ‘goldfish’ which means prosperity. And I would glad to remember myself with something as good as it. Glup glupp ;p

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