Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beauty freak

I had to admit that I am quite obsessed with the facial skin product. I remembered at aged of 12, I secretly applied my mom's skin product, Oil of Ulan and Hazelin Snow onto my face. Until one day she bought me my first ever complete set of skin product which consists of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. It’s a basic step to flawless skin. I forgot the name of the product but distributed by Zhulian. My mom was an active agent by that time. After being using them for about 3 years, suddenly Zhulian stopped from distributed the product. Huaaaaaa ;’( Since then, I began to try almost every product in market. Just to name a few: Johnson & Johnson Oil Control, Biore, Mustika Ratu, etc. Resulting pimples started to decorate my teenage face. (T_T). I cried at school over those pimples. I blamed for the make-up that I had to wear for school theater. I blamed for the sponge that ‘Kakak Cantik Petronas’ used on my face and other faces. I used to have such a healthy skin before. Worst, they were not getting any better during my final year at secondary school. :’( My bad habit of trying new product launched on market continued until I pursued my study at uni. 

One day, just an ordinary day of student life, a friend of my roommate introduced me to L’Oreal Oil Control T-Zone set. Impatient me, I rushed to nearby market (Mat Sapak, the biggest market in Bandar Jengka) and bought one set delightfully. Within two weeks of using the product, my face became itchy and pimples emerged everywhere they can fit in. I was horrified. I cried (as expected) and freaked out. Argh!! My face!!! Then I stopped using the product instantly. I complained to the one who suggested the product and she tried to reason me by saying that itchy and new pimples were just the healing process. I didn’t believe her. The edge of my nose became smarting. Then, I stopped using the product immediately. But that won’t stop me from trying other product. I sought for local cosmetic products; Sendayu Tinggi, Natasya, Nouvelles Visage, etc.  They won’t help either. Finally, I used Biore cleanser alone for nearly a year. No toner. No moisturizer. No masker. Only cleanser. Then only, my skin begun to recover and heal. I remembered being teasing by my first and last blind date about my pimples. ‘Aik, dah hilang?’. I’ve used the concealer to cover the pimples by that time. Hahaha. Enough of that. Let’s continue. Later, my friend and I started using Oil of Olay Total Effect (recently featuring by Yuna, my favourite singer-songwriter). Ja. The product totally gave a positive effect to our facial skins. They appeared more radiant and black spot begun to disappear. Since then, I never jump to other product. 

Yuna, a new Total Effects Ambassador  Malaysia

But one fine day, one of my colleagues invited me to Mary Kay’s presentation by Kak Niza, a part-time Mary Kay’s beauty consultant. Argh!! Warning sign!! I’ve tried to decline the invitation, but I failed. End-up I was the one who bought one set of Mary Kay’s Botanical Customized Skin Care. I was instantly fallen in love with the product. Love the smell. Love the moist effect left on my skin. Although Kak Niza promised me that the facial pores soon will be shrink. They never were. I still couldn’t get rid of the enlarged pores on my faces. Once I ran out of the product, I changed to another set, Time Wise Anti-Aging which cost me double of the first set. Yet, I still am craving over the crystal clear skin of any SK-II beauty-ambassador namely Ayase, Cate Blanchett, Fauziah Latiff, and recently Kate Bosworth. Their faces are so touchable and an effortless beautiful without any make-up on. I rarely applied any foundation, BB cream or what-so-ever. In fact, I never own one. Heeee. It’s simply because I believe in beauty without too much cosmetic on. Moreover, I don’t know how to apply make-up. My doreamon cosmetic purse (which I ‘curi’ from my lil’ sister) contained ZA White two way foundation compact powder, a Revlon’s lip-gloss, a L’Oreal’s lip-stick, In-2-it blusher (which I supposed already expired), ZA’s sunblock and ZA’s grey eye shadow palette. I seldom bring along my cosmetic purse while outing due to my super-duper lazy to re-apply the powder on my face after perform prayer. 

Ayase, the youngest SK-II face

Recently, my colleague asked me about collagen which I know nothing about. I'm browsing through internet for this supplement, BeautSkin Essence product. I am so keen of trying it. The testimonies received from the satisfied customers are too tempting to resist. A close friend of mine also consumed BeautSkin Essence (BE) since the last 3 month and she’s glad with it fantastic result. Her skin (whole body) became glower, more radiant and fairer. Ok. That’s enough with promoting the yet-to-be-tried-product. While searching for the other supplement, I noticed that my cousin quite recently uploaded her new self-photograph onto her Facebook account, happily showing off her flawless facial skin. With smile wore upon her face, lavishly displayed her inner confidence. She used to having a bad facial skin with a lot of pimples scar. I'm pleased to learn that she finally recovered from the teen-pimples which haunted her years back. Since I'm not that pretty close to her, thus I could not ring her phone and simply asking her ‘Hye you. You looked gorgeous. Bother to share with me your secret?’. So please, let’s guess how am I going to figure out her beauty secret. Tadaaa! I stalked her Facebook account. That’s too obvious. Haha. That’s so not me. Since she didn't bother to reply my comment, so I have no other way but tracking her trail. (“,) I gone through the pages her likes and found out this Vitamin C 500g product. No name at all. It’s Vitamin C 500g. I went numb. Owh, she just consumed Vitamin C for a healthy skin. I never took any supplement or vitamin especially vitamin C because I believe in myth that vitamin C may trigger in increasing your appetite. As I believe in myth that blood donation may lead in weight gain which apparently it’s not. My point here is do I need supplement? Somehow, I still believe in getting nourishment from the food that I eat daily. But does the food that I consumed is enrich in nutrients, vitamin and mineral? Till then. 


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