Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hey, you just like my sister

‘Hey, you just like my sister, using left hand to eat’ said my little brother to my cousin, Abang Shang. I remembered been told to use my right by my best friend’s friend while having dinner. Frankly, I’ve been forced. ‘Use your right hand’ he ordered. I’ve tried to reason him. ‘Use your right hand’ he ordered again with more prominent voice. It was the first and the last time I ever met that guy. It was quite embarrassing to be forced and you’ve done it eventually but not by your own mean.

Holding spoon using left hand is no such a good practice. Over the years, I’ve practiced myself and reminded myself to use the right. It’s never been easier. It was ok for the first two or three mouthfuls, but then I went back using my left hand. Most of time, I just don’t give a damn on it. I used my left for my own comfort. Later, I came across of the Hadith below;-

When anyone among you eats, he should eat with the right hand and when he drinks, he should drink with the right hand. (Muslim: No. 2020)

Several times I met difficulty while eating in crowd. Clashing elbow with person next to me was a norm. It was even worst when I have to use fork and knife. I would hold the knife using my left for cutting easier and hold fork using my right clumsily. Others make it sound easy for the lefties to change their preferable handed. ‘Everyday training will eventually become your second nature’ they once said. Knowing that if you used your left, you’ll do it faster, thus you’ll always end up using your left hand. The fact that you have the option and the awkwardness seems too much irritating. Yes, indeed with patience and persistence, you will finally nail it. I've been practice for years still never really comfort of using it. I was amazed that I actually able to iron my clothes using my right hand. I trained myself to suit with the electronic devices which mostly designed for the righties.

Further to my reading on this topic, the below are fatwa which I extracted from Samiha’s comment on

Al-Shawkaani (may Allah have mercy on him) said in Nayl al-Awtaar (8/183): His words “No one among you should eat with his left hand” signify that it is not allowed to eat or drink with the left hand, and this prohibition has the sense of being haraam, as is established in usool; it should not be interpreted as meaning that it is no more than makrooh unless there is some indication to that effect in the context. Al-Nawawi said: This applies if there is no excuse. If there is an excuse which means that a person is unable to eat or drink with his right hand, because of sickness or injury and so on, then it is not disliked to use the left hand. End quote.

To conclude this entry, whatever happens I must train myself using my right hand to eat and to drink. No further excuse. 


  1. hey cik kidal..train urself to play badminton using right hand too yaa!!

  2. hai.hai...first comment posted on my entry.. ;D it's been a long time since i last played badminton.. (T_T)