Tuesday, 30 October 2012

An unsettled anger

Source: Mr. Google

How to release our resentment? When people feeding our mind with the mocking comments, definitely the most discouraging and unpleasant one, what shall we response to them? Do we have to put our smiley face and walk away? Do we have to confront them and blast the even more mocking replies on them straight to their face? Apparently, we are not that kind person. Acknowledging what kind of person we are about to encounter, prolong the resentment would not do any benefit for either of us. But, why? Why they can’t use proper words or calming down their intonation when passing on their disagreement or disappointment? Do we would blog about our sullen feeling inside? A younger sister of mine who seemingly wiser than me once said, “Do you really intend to tell the world about your anger? Writing them neither in blog nor Facebook account could only cause the anger become permanent. Literally, we intentionally want it to be well-remembered and not really move on and let time heal the fuming soul. When we hold anger within us, we live in agony. No. We would allow such misery engulf our daily life. Life is so short for us to think of the undesirable comments deployed on us. By that, lives our life GLEEfully. If we could not find amusement while watching GLEE on television. Then, switch off the television. Go straight to our own room, and sing ourselves out loud. But if we heard our neighbours yell from their backyard, please shut out our mouth then. Alles gute!. Wink! 

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