Monday, 24 September 2012

Here’s my number, call me, maybe

Have you ever giving up your number to a stranger? I did! Undoubtedly I gave it because of me being plain innocence who didn't know how to smile back and just walk away. Back then during university period, there was a guy, a tutor from neighbour faculty, gave me his name card and asked for my number in return. He begun projected himself as an ambitious lecturer and researcher whom his research paper or invention (I couldn't remember now) presented in Geneva conference. And I just went like ‘oh, really? Wow, Great!’. Worst, he had his phone in his hand and dialled the digit in front of me just to confirm that it's real and that his number was registered in my phone. Luckily my friend called for me shortly after I passed out my number. So, not so lucky I supposed. She should call me pretty much earlier. Sigh.

Another incident was when I bought soy-bean drink at my never-spoken-to-schoolmate’s stall. He asked for my number. Huh? I never spoke to you, man. Yes indeed. I knew your parents, I knew where you live, and we went to the same school and grown-up at the same place. But, we never be friend with. Again, I just gave up my number. What the heck was I doing? Knowing that I won’t pick-up the call and texting him in return, then I should not give it at the first place. I just created an awkward situation whenever I go to his stall in future. Good dear, you were so thoughtful. Well done!

Another unusual incident happened while my friend and I bought our lunch at university cafeteria. There was a guy asking me of something. Blur and maybe having hearing problem, I looked at him with weird look and said, ‘are you talking to me?’. After he introducing himself and informing us that we were stayed at the same block and guess what, he asking for my email address. Then again, without thinking, I gave up mine. (No harm what giving our email address to random people, just email right?).

By giving out your number, you are actually creating a false hope for the receiver. So darling, how to avoid the above incident happened again and again? 

1)     Stick to your friend circle. The hunter man won’t dare to approach you with your friends (especially girlfriends) linger around you. Never let loose them. NEVER. Glue yourself to your best friends. FRIENDS. I meant numbers of them. 
2)    Maintain the cold shoulder. Don’t show any interest. (If you really not interested at all). Don’t ask any question, avoid eye-contact, and give blank and plain face. (What such a cold-hearted person). Don’t even try to be polite.

3)  Just say NO. Most tricky one. I never good at saying no. Require hell a lot of practice dear.

4)     Telling them you have a boyfriend, even you don’t have one. ;p

It may sound irritating to share this kind of stories, but hey. This is really happening in our daily life. But, above only meant for those you disinterested in. So ladies, Good luck. 

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