Monday, 9 September 2013

The first met

There was a lady in a blue straw hat which she bought last 2 years during her visit to northern island and a pink with tiny blue dotted driving hand sock covering her hands. Too hot that day. Perhaps she couldn’t bear the hot; the sun left itchiness on her hands, or too afraid that her skin got tanned under the excessive sunlight. Her former superior was giving her site tour and they were passing through quite numbers of the shipping containers turned office cabins. She couldn’t imagine how she’ll survive working on that cabin cramped with like 12 people inside. Luckily she wore her heavy safety shoe as the gravel laid pathway wasn’t too pleasant to walk through. As her superior explaining few things to her, they walked nearer to the man with Ray-ban shades. Her superior approached the man and left her in the middle of pathway. She hesitated to tail the superior as she just didn’t want to inferior the superior conversation with that man. The truth she’s shy. But she sure steals another quick look at that man. There was something in him that she couldn’t help from kept looking into his direction. Suddenly her heart skipped a bit or more than just a bit by thinking of that unknown man. Her heart smiled.

He was stood against the wall exactly as in left photo (again, she might exaggerated the pose) and clearly he wasn't giving the seducing look as model in right photo. Too much imagination involved here. ;D (Photos Source: Mr. Google)

There was a man, wearing a pair of black shade. He wore a light brown long sleeve shirt and paired with a dark brown trouser. He folded the sleeve, only to expose his not so toned arm. He was laid against the wall (cabin wall) with cigarette on his right hand. Or perhaps she was being imagined that he would. Her imagination was overwhelming due to too much Malay-telenovela-watching. As he enjoyed his intimate moment with his bestie, Mr. Cigarette, he spotted two figures walked along the not-so-pleasant pathway to walk to. A man at his mid-40 (at least he thought so) and a young looking lady whom he never came cross before this. He waved his hand to the mid-40 man. Obviously he knew this man quite well. The mid-40 man hurriedly met that man, forgetting the lady he was talking to just now. Perhaps, he wished the lady following his trail but she didn’t. The man with black shade rather frustrated as he did intentionally waved to the mid-40 man in hoping of being formally introduced to that newcomer lady. His heart filled with a little disappointment.

They never knew what fate had they brought to. The first sight could be the beginning of the love tale. Never knew that she would be so important to him.

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