Monday, 9 September 2013

A girl who has nothing

For a girl who has nothing. Nothing much she ever wanted most in her life. Holding the gorgeous designer handbag such as Chanel, Dior or Prada on her left hand, was never come close to her mind. Even she did continuously keeping herself known of latest trends of fashion, she never dream of having a Chanel Classic Flap Bag and Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag (although the chain straps and quilted caviar leather bag with nothing much detailing to be adored to) on one of her ‘hantaran’ trays. By that she just approved herself that she wasn’t another Sophie Kinsella’s character, Becky Bloomwood wannabe (Confession of Shopaholic). Folli-follie Heart2Heart watches might catch her eyes. But she didn’t wear wristwatch as she’s too afraid that she might be too conscious with time. Time flies, nothing can avoid it. Weee. She isn’t kind of girl whom charms by the shining of diamond and gold. She’s rather paranoid that those shiny-things may attract potential culprit or snatch thieve.  But she once enjoyed buying enchanted bracelet (one that you can found in flea market or accessories shop, Diva). Since she lost her most favourite turquoise bracelet with tiny bell which she bought during visiting Thai, the one that she tried to bargain with English-speaking Thai lady and clearly she failed to get the price she asking for (because she really running out of ‘Baht’ that day) due to her I-must-have-this-bracelet look upon her face. She is the girl who has nothing, not even dare to dream.

Dare to dream. Source: Mr. Google

However, she likes numbers. She always did. That doesn’t meant she’s good in Math. She didn’t put price on herself. She just likes the number. For a girl whom had being taught since kid, not to ask for something that is beyond our own reach, those branded handbags, watches, shoes, clothes don’t really fascinating her most. You may ask her of her most dreamed handbag (designer handbag which will cost you, your monthly income x3), she just went clueless and no words come out from her heavy lips. But she likes the number. That number. No one ever projected that number beneath her mind. She just likes the number. She may has nothing more to wish for but that number. Or perhaps it was just a part of test. His perseverance and willingness has been put in trial. Is she really important to him? 

P/s: handbag, shoe wouldn't woo me. but maxi dress does. ;D

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