Tuesday, 6 November 2012

KL, KL Sentral

Just after kissed my dad’s hand and thanked him for sending me to the KTM station, I quickly rushed to ticket counter. Watch shown 6.55am. I've missed a 6.53 train again. Sigh. “Both ways, KL, KL Sentral” I said politely without even looking for the lady behind the glass. My eyes glued to KOMUTER 1MALAYSIA’s application form. I’ll enjoy 50% discount of my travel fees once receiving the KOMUTER 1MALAYSIA card. I was a bit reluctant to fill the application form since I don’t really qualify to apply. The lady behind the glass asked me again. Perhaps I was so focused on that form; I wasn't really paid a good attention of her asking. “You need one ticket, or two?” she continued impatiently. I just said two tickets, KL, KL Sentral. That’s too obvious two tickets but with two different destination. But she gave me two tickets to KL Sentral and demanding another 20 cent from me. Then only I looked at her, a young lady in the yellow scarf. She’s younger and thinner than another lady who regularly seated behind that glass. I said “one ticket to KL and another one to KL Sentral”. Since she had printed the tickets, so I really don’t mind to pay her. But the unpleasant tone in her voice had caught my mum’s ear. “Did you really have to speak that way?” said my mum. Guess what. She responded back fiercely, “You are the one who didn't said clearly”. She scolded me. Damn. My mum was about to spell another word or more, but I just want it to end. I really don’t want ruin my early day, a brand new day, neither scolding someone nor getting scolded by someone. I grabbed the tickets and managed to say “have nice day” sarcastically instead of thank her.'

KTM's tagline: 'Ontime, Everytime'. Source: found the photo from this blog http://tinnitusmix.blogspot.com/2012/06/gambar-paling-kelakar-abad-ini.html

Then, I continued nagging while climbing the stair. It was my mum ears to hear me. It was really doesn't make sense. Was “Both ways, KL, KL Sentral” not direct enough to her? I reckon that she’s replacing another lady, whom more welcoming. She would recognized me and understand my words. I really wanted to believe that lady in the yellow scarf was on period or PMS. She looked fierce and so impatient. Or perhaps she had a bad fight with her partner last night. Have a wonderful day.

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